AYM Math

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do classes cost?

Classes are $55 per month for 9 months, plus a registration fee of $45 if before July 31 and $65 if after.

How do online classes work?

Students who attend AYM online will log in to a Zoom call during the time of their class meeting for live instruction. Alternativly, students may watch a recording of the class at a later time. This could be due to schedule conflicts with our regular meeting time or technical difficulites should they arrise.

All students, in person or online, will log into Google Classroom to download assignments. Online students will also submit their work for grading via Google Classroom.

We are new to Saxon. What class should my student be in?

Saxon provides a placement test that is great for helping answer this question. Visit the appropriate link below. If there is any question, feel free to e-mail us!

Middle Grades: https://g.christianbook.com/ns/pdf/placement/993478.pdf?event=Homeschool|1002939

Algebra 1 Readiness: https://g.christianbook.com/ns/pdf/placement/791230%20.pdf?event=Homeschool|1002939

What class should my student take next?

All students at AYM will take Saxon until they complete Math 76. After Math 76, students may choose between Saxon 87 and Math U See Pre-algebra.

Students chosing Saxon will follow 87 with Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. We offer Algebra 1/2, but this is for students who need some extra skill practice between 87 and Algebra 1.

Students chosing Math U See will take Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and then Precalculus.

We really like your program, but cannot attened classes when they are offered. What can we do?

Please reach out to us and let us know your situation. We can absolutely include ANYONE with online options, but, if we know of enough interest in an alternate day, our teachers may be able to make something work.

We will not be ready to start the next book until after AYM beings! Can we still participate?

We have several options to make staggered enrollment a reality. E-mail us and let us know your situation and we may be able to work something out.

Does my student need a Geometry Class?

Students taking Saxon DO NOT need a Geometry class. Gemoetry is woven into the Algebra curriculum, and students completing both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 will have also completed a full Geometry course.

Students taking Math U See will need to take the Gemoetry course.

Why are Saxon courses beyond Algebra 2 not offered?

Pre-Calculus and above are actually college level courses, and we have found that many of our home school students take advantage of the option of dual-enrollment at one of our local colleges or univiersities, so there just has not been enough of a demand for us to offer thsese courses. However, we are always willing to look at offering a course if there is enough interest. (4 or more students)

Where do classes meet?

The plan for 2021 is to meet at Singing Oaks Church of Christ in Denton while also continuing to offer all classes online. here once the pandemic is under control.

Do you offer tutoring?

All teachers offer math lab hours outside of class and most of them offer private tutoring at an additional fee.

We also maintain a list of tutors we can refer students to if needed. E-mail admin at [email protected] for the list.

How can we get a new class added?

If there is enough interest, we can look at adding additional classes. Typically we need a group of at least 4 students to offer a class. Otherwise, our teachers are happy to work one on one at our private tutoring rates.