AYM Math

Ms. Inselmann has tremendously helped my grasp of Algebra; she has taught me new ways to look at problems that I can understand and not just following the books instructions. She is always so excited for Algebra and that helps me get excited for it too.

— Baylor: Algebra 2 Student

Whenever I heard the word "math", that was equivalent to the word "torture"! I hated math and I never felt compelled to do it; even though I understood how essential it was to my future. All of this changed when attended my first AYM class. Even though I still hated Algebra at the time, I instantly became motivated when I received my first syllabus and met my teacher. The syllabus is easy to understand, the assignments aren't too big (which is important for a busy homeschool teen like myself!), and my teacher is wonderful! She explains the lesson in a comprehensible way; which is especially important when using the Saxon curriculum! I am especially grateful for the fact that she is always willing to go over any of the homework problems that I don't quite understand. She also always begins the class with prayer and thanksgiving to God our Father, putting us all in the correct mindset and reminding us that our minds are His gifts to us. After attending class for several weeks, something changed. Algebra 2 wasn't "evil" anymore, and I could remember equations that usually slipped out of my mind. I look forward to taking AYM classes again next year!

— Theresa: Algebra 2 Student

My three daughters are taking Alg. 1/2, Alg 1 & Alg 2 respectively. We have a super busy schedule with many competitive activities and commitments, so they started to fall behind in their math. Now they love math (awesome teachers), and these classes are really helping them get back on track.

— AYM Math Parent